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We want you to feel comfortable leaving your pet with us...

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. 


Here is a list of common concerns:


Can we visit the pet sitter before we go on vacation?


Absolutely, in fact we recommend it. We want you to be comfortable and have peace of mind when having your pet stay in our care. You and your pet will have the opportunity to meet with the pet sitter beforehand to see if the environment is the right fit.  With over, 25 pet sitters all across the GTA, we are sure to find a great match!


Will my dog be confined to a room in the house?


No. Our philosophy at Kennel Busters Inc. is that when pets are in our care, they are treated like family. This means that they will have use of the entire home, get a great deal of exercise, a clean environment and a lot of company.


Where do you find your pet sitters?


At Kennel Busters we pride ourselves on having individuals who truly love animals. We have an effective interviewing process that ensures that your pet will be treated with nothing but love and affection.  If you are interested in becoming a pet sitter, refer to the contact us section.


What happens if my animal gets sick?


Before your animal comes to any pet sitter, the contact information for their vet is recorded. If it is a minor issue, we will call or bring them to the veterinarian listed. If any emergency issues arise we will bring them to an emergency animal clinic.  In the unlikely event that a problem does arise, we will contact you immediately.

What should I bring for my pets stay?

We want you pet to feel right at home, so we made a list for you. Please refer to the New Clients section of our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

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